Tips for a Successful Garage Sale Before Relocation

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale Before Relocation

Most people hate the idea of packing and even worse the process. Well, if you are planning a move, packing is not one of those tasks you can avoid, even if you hire a Portland moving company. You can make it easier though, if you got rid of all those things that do not have to come with you to the new house. How do you get rid of those items you choose to leave behind? Successful Garage Sale before relocation.

When is the best time to hold a garage sale? You want to catch the attention of as many people as possible to increase of chances of selling. Schedule your timing around summer to early fall when people are mostly outdoors and on weekends when people are less busy. It is best to begin the sale early in the day to take advantage of those who have not yet planned for their day. The following tips will help you to organize a successful garage sale;

Sort out your stuff:

Now that you have settled on an actual date, it is time to decide on the items you will be selling. Go from room to room and collect all the items that have not been used for a while since they might have gotten small or gone out of style. You might come across some items you are better off tossing in the trash so make sure these do not find their way to the garage sale. People will buy almost anything provided it is still in good condition. Full service movers might charge for the size of load – make is as small as possible.

Spread the word:

With social media, it is a lot less tasking to announce a upcoming event. In addition to posting it on your neighborhood’s social media pages, make posters to pin up on strategic locations around the area. If you include the date, hours and a rough list of what you will be selling, you are likely to receive a stream of rather deliberate buyers.

Get supplies for the sale:

You need to get the sale area as organized as possible and this is only possible with some effort. Get a basket to place all the toys in, a garment rack to hang the clothes, tables on which to place cartons with various items and tags to display the prices. It is also important to keep in mind that some buyers may come with currency denominations that require you to give change – get at least loose change for the largest denomination possible.

Mark prices:

Decide on the sales price for each of the items you are selling and put a tag on it. If items of the same type are priced the same, you can go ahead and place them together. For instance, all blouses costing a certain price can be put in one rack or basket.

By the time the sale is over, you will have made some money and gotten rid of most items – the rest can now be donated to charity or recycled depending on their condition.

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