How to keep home organized after a residential move

How to keep home organized after a residential move

There is no doubt about it; moving is a very stressful process. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the mere thought of moving, you are not the only one. However, it is possible to keep home organized the period before, during and after a move. It only takes a bit of strategy and planning for you to enjoy the process; at least have some peace of mind while doing it. For most people, the bulk of the planning goes into packing before the move. What about after the Oregon movers have left? It is possible to maintain cleanliness at the new premises and even have it organized days, weeks and even months after a move. Here are some tips to keep in mind;

Get rid of the clutter

It does not matter how much clutter you got rid of at the time of packing before a move. It is the papers, toys, clothes and boxes that you no longer have any use for that make up for new clutter. Get into the habit of putting things back in their spot after use and getting rid of stuff you no longer want.

Take time to unpack

If you can take time off your regular routine, that’s great. Otherwise, do not be in a rush to finish with unpacking. Depending on how much time you have at a time, purpose to finish unpacking a load or entire room. It is quite fulfilling watching how your new spaces transform with your belongings in there.

First things first –

You just waved off the residential movers but no one is in the mood to start unpacking just yet. No worry because you do not have to. Actually, if you can just set up a functional kitchen, sleeping area, and know where your change of clothes is you are good to go. You will adjust better to the move if you can blend into the new space on your terms.

Create a cleaning schedule you will stick to –

The best and sure way to keep the new house organized is to plan on how to keep it that way. How about you list all the chores that need to be done to maintain the cleanliness of the house? You can then go ahead and allocate specific days to do them. If you remain focused, you will gradually fall into a routine that will keep your new home sparkling and looking great all the time.

Have you ever walked into a house that looks like it has been plucked off a magazine? It takes effort and discipline to get there and you can do it too.

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