Best ways to make Family Moving Smooth and Fun

Without children, moving entails just you and what you own. Aside from the couch and other robust items that require more than one person to carry in and out of the house, house moving for a single person is in most cases a DIY exercise.

Assuming you have kids, how do you make the moving process fun and smooth?

  • Hold a family briefing

Even before you confirm that you will indeed be moving, have a family meeting to discuss it. Allow time to each family member to air out their concerns and suggestions. The mood of the meeting should be non-judgmental so that everyone feels safe to express their fears and concerns.

  • Accommodate every member of the family

Moving is a major life situation even to those like kids who will not be involved in the real work. A great way to make every family member involved is to give them freedom to choose room colors for the new house and letting them pack their belongings. Portland moving company staff can then be called to do the heavy lifting.

  • Brainstorm on the best time for a move

Even though you might be clear on the service providers you will hire for the move, the timing is just as important to set. Think about all the factors that could be influenced by timing such as starting school, first day in a new job, upcoming holidays and events. Listen to suggestions made by each member of the family and put together these thoughts to decide on an appropriate time to engage Oregon professional moving services.

  • Stick to the schedule

Everybody should be clear on the timeline and plans that have been put in place to facilitate the move. This allows for personal initiative as far as adjusting is concerned. A plan also defines what should be happening in the days leading up to the moving day. Include a bit of flexibility in the schedule to avoid stress.

  • Organize everything way before the process starts

You can sit down with your family and discuss what every room needs for the move. Supplies such as carb board boxes, tape, bubble wrap and extra bed sheets should be collected. You can assign duties to various family members to help in sourcing some of these materials.

  • Incorporate some fun

The kids are not the only ones that gain from a fun moving experience; most adults thrive in a balanced environment where they can relax in the midst of chaos. Plan for evening walks when you are done with a day’s chores and eat out as often as you can to experience a different environment.

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