Pros and Cons of Moving to a Cold State

While the idea of moving to a new house is quite exciting, it is a good idea to consider the major changes that will take place for you do adjust to the new location. A house move is a big change because of the cost implications especially if hiring Portland Moving Companies. Prior knowledge of what to expect removes the anxiety out of the whole process. Before you take the big leap and make that leap, here are pros and cons you are bound to experience if you move to a cold state;

Pros of living in a cold state

  • Even though most people deliberately move away from cold regions to warmer regions, there are benefits of living in cold areas
  • Your body will burn extra calories when it is cold and this will help you to lose weight
  • The mind works a lot better in cold weather and this will allow you to tackle problems faster
  • Allergens such as dust, pollen, grass and flower scents are enhanced by warm weather; the cold reduces the occurrence of related allergies.
  • Sleeping is enhanced when the temperatures are low. Lowering the body’s core temperature could take longer when it is hot.
  • Cold temperatures help the body to strengthen its immune system. You might get a flu regularly but the body’s ability to fight disease will be better.
  • Cold weather acts like a ice compress and this helps injuries to heal faster
  • Inhaling cold air causes the lungs and heart to work better and this improves general blood circulation
  • Cold weather does not support insect life so nuisances such as mosquitoes are naturally eliminated

Cons of living in a cold state

The advantages of living in a cold area as listed above might influence you to want to live in a cold state. This should not however blind you to the disadvantages of being in a cold area for an extended period of time.

  • Cold states have shorter days

Since the sun tends to set early in cold areas, the average day length is considerably reduced. This means lesser hours to work and engage in outdoor activities.

  • Cold weather means dangerous outdoors

Cold states often experience snow and heavy fog. This leads to slippery sidewalks because of compacted ice.

  • Cold weather calls for more work around the house

When it is cold, there is a constant need to shovel the snow and apply anti-freeze to machine parts to prevent damage.

  • Cold weather leads to higher utility bills

Letting the heater or air conditioner run for extended periods of times means an inflated electricity bills and damage to heating elements.

  • Cold weather requires investment in specialized equipment

The need to clean out snow build-up and survive the cold weather requires specialized purchases.

  • Cold weather will dull your mental state

Winter depression is common for those who live in very cold places

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