Are You Moving Large or Fragile Items: Everything You Need to Know

If you are like most people, you have probably collected some fragile items over time. These might be things that are used often or held on for ornamental purposes. When it comes to moving houses, special care and expertise is required when moving large and fragile items; in packing as well as in transit. The end goal is to ensure that these delicate items make it to the new house in one piece.

The following tips will ease the process of packing, handling and moving large, fragile belongings;

Plenty of cushioning

Items such as TV sets have so many surfaces that when hit will result in irreversible damage. The target when moving is to have all delicate parts covered with bubble wrap to cushion them against impact. Towels and other soft materials can then be used to secure the item from unnecessary movement during the move. If such large, fragile items are still placed in a box, the empty spaces around it should be stuffed with soft materials.

Match boxes with items to be moved

Be extra careful with coupling items within the same box or using inappropriate boxes when packing your belongings; this might not be an issue with Portland movers because they are experienced. Avoid placing a heavy item such as a statue in the same box with a delicate item such as a mirror. In possible, pack every item you own it is rightful box before cushioning and sealing.

Order items by size

When packing the same type of items such as plates, place the large ones in the box first followed by the smaller ones. This will avoid putting pressure on small items which could easily result in breakage. In the event that some items pack inside each other, apply adequate cushioning before nesting.

Allocate sufficient time for packing

Since there is need for extra care when packing the large and fragile items you own, take as much time to ensure that you do the right thing. By having plenty of time, mistakes are minimized and changes of a successful move are enhanced.

Engage professionals

If you feel a hint of doubt as far as packing fragile items is concerned, no one will crucify you for spending a bit of money on a professional service. If your moving service provider is reliable, they will bring the right personnel and resources to pack and move your most delicate belongings.

Take precautions to secure valuables

As a precautionary measure, take a picture of each of the large, fragile items you are moving before and during the packing process. this is your collateral in case there is damage and the insurance company wants proof that damage actually took place.

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