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Finding an efficient moving company that offers a reasonable and affordable moving quote is a key step in the moving process. Portland Moving Company is licensed and insurance.

ODOT regulates the moving industry and had OMSA write guidelines and pricing that we go by called the TARIFF. Our mission is to always provide our customers honest moving quote. We also know that moving is very expensive and we have to stay competitive. For this reason we offer competitive prices and rates.

While providing customers with a moving quotes, we provide them with an explanation for each charge and at times eliminate unnecessary spending. Different moving companies offer different moving quotes for moving your household possessions.

Getting a moving quote from several moving companies helps in estimating the moving cost. Some moving companies may deceive by quoting low prices initially and demand extra pay after signing the deal. You should be aware of such moving companies and choose the right one.

When providing our customer with in home moving estimate or in office moving quotes, we provide our customers with a more accurate moving quote. This is why here at Portland Movers Company our number one rule is honesty. Being honest and upfront with our customers about their moving cost will not only make a returning customer. You can also reach us at 503-688-4687 and speak to one of our qualified moving representative. They can answer any of your questions, you can email as well at

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Long Distance Move Rates: 

For Long Distance moves ( over 50 miles from our Portland office) please call our office to obtain a detailed quote.  More info on OMSA Mileage Tariff


  • Reminder: After 8th service hours worked and/or 7 pm Mon-Sat whatever scenario applies, the rate does change to the overtime rate per OMSA . Please scroll down to review the overtime rates.
  • Rate below only apply to local moves | local moves apply if your move is 50 miles from our Portland office. All full service moves includes 10-26 foot moving truck and moving equipment.
  • All full service rates ( when truck is provided) are regulated by Oregon department of transportation and cannot be adjusted. They are enforced by a Tariff that can be found on the OMSA website ( Here )

Residential Moving Service Full Service Regular Rate (WITH A TRUCK):

2 hour minimum weekdays & 5 hour minimum on weekends

7 AM to 7 PM Monday – Saturday

2 Movers & 1 truck


[Under 1,200 sq ft move | 1 bedroom | Studio]

3 Movers & 1 truck


[ 1,200 sq – 1,800 sq ft ]

4 Mover & 1 truck


 [1,900 sq ft – and up ]

4 Mover & 2 trucks


 [ 2,000 sq ft – and up ]

Additional Mover


For each additional mover per hour


3 Hour Min Mon-Sun | Moving blankets/tie downs are not provided for labor only moves. It is customer responsibility to provide moving blankets and tie downs.

2 Movers & Equipment


3 hour min [under 1,200 sq ft move | 1 bedroom | Studio]

2 Movers & Equipment


3 hour min [1,900 sq ft – and up ]

4 Movers & Equipment


3 hour min [ 2,000 sq ft – and up ]

5 Movers & Equipment


3 hour min [ 2,500 sq ft – and up ]

Additional Mover


Each additional mover

Labor only Move travel Fee:

We charge $1.90 per mile. The trip is calculated round trip. Our minimum travel fee is $55.00. If we are following you to unload to a 2nd address, that will be calculated in the total travel fee.


Parking Permits:

When the Portland Movers is required to either obtain permit(s), place barricades, place parking meters hoods, and/or request parking permit placement verification to perform pickup and/or delivery because of the size, weight or nature of a move or due to local restrictions, a charge of $38.30 per hour, subject to a minimum charge of one (1) hour for vehicle and driver will be made for such service, plus the cost of the permit(s), if any. A copy of the paid receipt will be retained in the customers file as proof of such permit charges.

Definition of 3 hour or 2 hour min:

If your move takes less than 2 hours at the booked 2 hour min or less than 3 hours at the booked 3 hour min for labor only moves, then you will be charged the 2 hour min at end of job completion due to the “2 hour min requirement per policy”.

Additional Details:

Hours spent on a job is mainly determined by different factors including

  • How far moving truck parked relative to entrance of the home
  • How customers have packed and ready when movers arrive
  • Disassembling and assembling of oversize furniture including beds, dining tables
  • How much stairs mover have to go up and down to get to moving truck Portland local moving companies ‘DON’T MILK THE CLOCK’. We value your time.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We value your comments and will like to serve you in the best possible way. Please check out our different services below or call to speak with one of our representatives!

These are some of the options that are offered with our “Residential Moving Services”. Please call and ask our specialist about details and we can come up with a great package for your needs!