How to pack holiday Ornaments

How to pack holiday Ornaments

The holidays add a healthy dose of cheer into our lives and to think that you will at some point put away the decorations is like wrapping up the party before it has even began. As the year comes to an end we start thinking about New Year resolutions, it is also best to start putting away the lights, trees and wreaths for use the following year. Let’s face it; buying Christmas decorations every year can be quite expensive – how about we learn how to pack holiday ornaments so that they will be as good as new the next time you need them? The following tips will also come in handy when you are packing ornaments for a move;

Put together what you will need 

How much do you need to pack? Such a simple question yet it is a crucial guide to the amount of wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, Ziploc bags and bubble warp. You do not have to rush to purchase all these items; look through your pile of wrapping paper that you put away after opening those Christmas presents, egg cartons, and even cookie tins. Think about how best to improvise these items to ensure that the ornaments have been properly stored.

Categorize the ornaments

Putting up decorations for the Christmas season in fun and many families look forward to it. The worst that can happen when setting up is coming across piles of decorations that have been tangled up and the only option you have is to cut through them. Well, it does not have to come but only if you took the time to sort through what you have and categorizing them accordingly. Some ways in which this can be done are by rooms, by type and by display.

Pay attention to the breakable and fragile

You might have already noticed that some Christmas decorations will get squashed at the slightest pressure. Others are prone to breakage if they hit against one another. For Christmas lights for instance, consider wrapping them around pieces of cardboard or tissue rolls to secure them in place before covering in bubble wrap. When all the items that require special attention have been securely wrapped, it is now time to place them carefully in boxes, bins or bags making sure to fill all empty spaces with packing peanuts or foam filling.

If you are packing for a move, make sure that the Portland local movers are aware that certain boxes or loads contain delicate items. Alternatively, you can arrange for these items to be loaded in your car or transported by hand if possible.

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