10 Tasks that should be completed on Move-in Day

10 Tasks that should be completed on Move-in Day

With the help of moving companies in Portland, moving doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking, frustrating and time-consuming affair. For a hassle-free moving, you should take care of certain essential tasks on move-in day. Here are 10 tasks that should be completed on move-in day:

Be organized with your Stuff

Consider sorting through your stuff before moving out of your current home. Start by separating the important things from the junks. Make extra cash by hosting a yard sale right before you start moving. Alternatively, you can donate the things you don’t need to charity as a prudent way of doubling your blessings.

Get your packing supplies

With the right packing supplies such as boxes, cushioning materials, scissors, tape, newspapers and bubble wrap, moving can be an exciting and stress-free experience. Interestingly; you can also acquire high-quality second-hand boxes and additional packing supplies from commercial movers Portland.

Hire a reputable Moving company

Want peace of mind? Hire a trustworthy local moving Portland company that offers high-quality service at an affordable rate. Consider comparing quotes from different Portland movers until you find the right full-service movers.

Schedule your moving day

 Planning your journey makes life much easier for you when moving to your new home Consider choosing an appropriate moving date, confirm the time of arrival with your movers, know the route to your new address, and check the traffic routines beforehand for your convenience.

Change Your Address

Change your address before moving out of your current home. You can contact your local post office via call, email or even notify them of your new address in person to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. You need to maintain your communication with your insurer, bank, credit card companies, and even friends/relatives/colleagues.

Start Packing Early

Consider starting packing your belongings early enough if you want a smooth moving. Sort your stuff early, fill those boxes with what you need and label them accordingly to avoid a stressful moving out day. Being organized is an excellent way of making your life easier when moving in or out.

Disconnect Your Utilities

Don’t call your local moving Portland Company before ensuring that all the utilities in your current home including gas, electricity, TV, internet, and water are disconnected. Contact all the relevant utility companies as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements to avoid unnecessary hassles with them.

Focus on Your Utilities

Residential moving companies will take you wherever you want, but will not check your utilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that the home you are about to move into has running utilities such as clean water, heat/AC, electricity, gas, phone, internet and TV connections.


Don’t ever start unpacking your stuff before cleaning your new home extensively. You can either do it yourself or seek help from cleaning service companies at a fee. Cleaning makes your life stress-free after moving.

Unpack Your Essentials

You’re finally home at last. Now, start unpacking all your most essential stuff including beddings, foodstuffs, toiletries, clothes, and cleaning supplies for easy accessibility.

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