10 Things to Do After Moving

10 Things to Do After Moving

You always have racing thoughts during moving, from the moment you make your mind to moving up to days after moving. Loneliness, drastic change of routine, food insecurities, a whole new area to explore and many other challenges confront you. But, the good news, there is a basketful of things you can do to relish the change.

Learn from Your Neighbor

Your new neighbor knows a bunch of things about your new surroundings. Find a way of stirring a conversation and portray some friendliness. They can come in handy during an emergency or shower you with tips you never imagined.

Contact Utility Providers

Even if you checked and ensured the perfect working of utilities beforehand, redo the exercise. Don’t wait for surprises. Ensure the contacts you have work. And enlist new security systems and security providers if possible to avoid trust issues.

Create an Emergency Plan

Confirm functioning of emergency exit doors, fire extinguishers and circuit breakers with your family. Everyone should know their location. Install escape ladders for upstairs rooms and ensure everyone has access to important emergency contacts.

Keep an Inventory of Items as Your Mover Offloads

Breakage, loss, and misplacements are common occurrences when moving. If you had hired a professional moving company, ensure you take inventory of the items as they offload them. Better, when an officer from the company is present. And remember not to sign the clearance contract until you confirm breakages.

Clean Before Unpacking

It is hard to skip cleaning when you’re moving into a new house. But before unpacking ensure thorough cleaning of the home, both interiors, and exteriors. Fumigate if possible to lessen fears of insects and comb the compound for rodents

Make Sleeping Arrangements

The heftiness of the first moving day can be overwhelming. Remember to ensure bedrooms are well refreshed and set. You don’t have to complete the decor of the room but some place to unwind will serve you well.

Don’t Unpack Straightaway

It is important to have a first night bag containing basic items like sleeping clothes, soaps, toothbrushes, prescriptions, etc. If you never thought of the bag, unpack only the essential items and wait until your mind is fresh before you unpack.

Follow a Strategic Unpacking Plan

People are prone to haphazard unpacking when in a new place. Follow a simple step by step unpacking plan. Put boxes in the rooms they belong first and follow up with the organization of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Update Your Address

You’re in a new home, but bills still need settling. Change your postal address and furnish your utility providers with it to ensure you receive your bills on time. Your friends and families will also need your new address.

Visit the DMV Office

You must update your driving license and number plates if you’ve moved to a new state. Check with the regulatory offices to ensure you can drive without frustration in your new home city or state.




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