De-cluttering Before Your Move

De-cluttering Before Your Move

 De-cluttering before move is an excellent way of preparing to move out of your current home into a new one. There’s no point in hiring Portland local movers to move junks that you don’t need.

Importance of De-cluttering before your move:

It’s good for your health

Believe it or not, but moving with stuff you hardly need is a total waste of space. De-cluttering reduces waste thus making your new environment more conducive for healthy living. It is important to let go of things that you’ll probably never use ever again. Take your time, go through everything you have, sort out what’s important and what’s not and you’ll definitely feel better as you move into your new home clutter-free.


Moving companies in Portland charge their moving fees according to your stuff. One of the easiest ways of saving money is by getting rid of all the clutter before moving out. Portland movers will not tell you what you need or don’t need. Their work is just to offer moving services at affordable rates. Remember; the more you move with, the more you’ll spend in packing supplies and moving fees.

An opportunity to make extra money

Did you know that you can generate enough money to hire movers in Portland by selling some of your junks? Well, you don’t have to give your stuff for free if you can manage to find willing buyers. Take photos of the things you don’t need any more then post them online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and eBid among others for buyers. You’ll be surprised to find yourself with enough cold hard cash for things you no longer use. Alternatively, you can opt to organize a yard sale and still make extra money.

Saves time

While most full-service movers have what it takes to move anything, de-cluttering saves time for all the involved parties. Moving can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming experience. Getting rid of unnecessary clutters can make things much easier for you in terms of packing, unpacking, moving and even arranging stuff in your new home.

Smooth moving

Hiring professional Portland local movers is always a good idea when moving into your new home. One of the best ways of simplifying your move is by de-cluttering. Just pack what you consider as junk in separate boxes and set them aside. This will allow your favorite Oregon movers to only load the more important things. With proper planning, you’ll have a smoother moving experience.


De-cluttering before your move gives you a golden opportunity to help others. Don’t have an idea about where to donate things that you don’t need? Well, ask for recommendations from movers Portland. Moving companies in Portland know of plenty of charity organizations that will gladly accept all the functional stuff you no longer need.

In conclusion, de-cluttering before your move is good for your physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

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