Ways to Protect Your Walls When Moving Furniture

The process of moving houses can be quite unpredictable especially if this is the first time you are doing it. You might end up damaging your belongings and even worse damaging the house you are moving out of. One of the most common misfortunes during moving is wall damage – how do you protect walls when moving?

Come up with a moving schedule

Moving abruptly could lead to possible damage to your walls as you rush to beat Portland Moving help timelines. Come up with a system of how various items or rooms will be moved and stick to it.

Clear the way

Before you or your Portland local movers start to remove furniture, make sure that there is no blockage of the intended pathways. By removing clutter and obstacles along the pathways, you avoid accidents which could involve wall damage.

Arrange for adequate manpower

Let the size and weight of a piece of furniture act as your guide when you are sourcing for moving help. While some items can be comfortably carried out of a house by two people, others require up to six individuals.

Dress for the job

Moving day is characterized by a lot of lifting, shoving and pulling. Let everyone on your team wear a comfortable pair of shoes that will offer necessary support when going about the day. Items such as large rings should be removed because of the possibility of scratching walls.

Disassemble where possible

Items such as beds, tables, dressers and some couches have hinges and screws which you can use to dismantle them for easy moving. This reduces the size and the likelihood that they will damage walls when being carried out.

Use a blanket or bubble wrap to cover robust pieces

This applies to furniture that has protruding edges and cannot be disassembled. Covers prevent unwanted contact between the item and the walls.

Use a moving dolly for extremely heavy moves

Wall damage is likely to occur if you are moving a large object will less manpower and through narrow passages. If there is no room for the mover as they pass an item through doors and corridors, a moving dolly is preferred.

Use drop cloths, cardboard or blankets to cover the walls

Wall covers help to cushion walls against scratches and smudges. You can extra covering materials in areas where furniture items might hit against the walls hard.

Hire a professional moving service

Expert Residential moving Companies have been on the job for a long time. They have handles all manner of furniture and all well skilled to anticipate damage to walls.



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