Essential Things To Do After Moving

There is a lot that you have to do to ensure that everything in your moving checklist is done right. While the process of finding reliable commercial movers Portland, as well as packing up and unpacking is considered the most difficult part of pulling off a move, most folks forget about settling in. It is usually the things that you do after moving to a new place that indicates whether a move was successful or not.

Getting used to the new space and surroundings, the new people, as well as prioritizing what needs to be done can be extremely daunting. We know that you have a lot going on already. So to help you out, here are a couple of essential things that you need to do after moving:

First, do a walkthrough of the new space

There is no better way to get a true sense of your new space while visualizing where the Portland movers will place all your belongings than by doing a walkthrough when it is empty. So before your moving company Portland unloads the truck, ask them to give you time to take a look around.

During the walkthrough, check that:

  • All the repairs have been completed to your standards and specifications.
  • Everything included in the sale or rent agreement is included in the new house or apartment.
  • All the outlets and fixtures are working properly including running water, the washer and drier, etc.

Figure out what goes where

During the walkthrough, you want to figure out what goes where with your local moving company Portland first before actually starting the unloading process. This will save you time and trouble instead of simply winging it.

Be sure to be very detail-oriented when explaining to your Portland moving help how and where you want everything arranged. The best residential moving companies in Portland will do their best to ensure that you are as settled as possible so that you can begin settling down easily.

Child and pet-proof

If you are moving with little children or pets, make sure that you child and pet-proof as much as you can. You may not be able to childproof fully but do what you can to keep everyone safe before getting your full setup in place.

Get something to eat

Packing can be so nerve-wracking that people often forget to eat during the move. Before you attempt to organize everything, make sure that you have something to eat first. Organizing on an empty stomach will only make you more jittery and anxious. Your options may be limited so something as simple as a pizza and some soft drinks will do.

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