Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized After a Move

Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized After a Move

When you move, everything is in boxes and can clutter your new home if you don’t sort it out quickly. Whether you have used commercial movers Portland who offer full service moving or you have paid only for the moving trip only, you still need to get fully unpacked and organized to ensure that you adjust to your new home much more easily and move on with life at your new place. That said, unpacking can be such a headache and a few tips to help speed up the process and make it easy to get organized after your move.

Clean the Essentials

While you can clean the house top to bottom, it however would take time. Therefore, instead of doing all that while fatigued after your move,concentrate on cleaning the most important things which are the floors, the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom and toilet especially the bathtub, the stove in and out and the washing machine as you will start using these essentials almost immediately you are in your new house.

Start Unpacking

Whether you are using residential moving companies that also offer unloading help, you can also make unpacking easier by placing the boxes holding stuff for each room in the rooms themselves. If you have a box of utensils, placing it in the kitchen will make unpacking easier. For movers, mark the rooms so that they can drop the relevant boxes in their correct rooms. Start by unpacking your bathroom and bedroom items after cleaning and make the bed. Moving is a tiring exercise and if you unpack for these rooms first, then at least you will be able to freshen up and sleep in comfort before unpacking for the rest of the rooms in the next day.

Use the Room-by-Room Strategy

For a more organized look, unpack each room by itself and as you empty the packing boxes unpack the boxes and put them in a bigger box with the packing pa[per as well to make it easier to organize. For boxes that don’t need unpacking such as holiday decorations, taking them to the storage area will help speed up the process of unpacking.

Finish Up with Furniture and Appliances

Once you are done unpacking the essential rooms, you can wind up by setting up furniture in the living room and dining room. The living room can offer distraction delights such as your TV and games and hence, dealing with it after you are done with the rest of the house is not only more productive but also offers a reward after the work you’ve put in. Organize the electric cord s and go ahead and enjoy an organized new home!

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