7 Ways to Cope With Moving Stress

7 Ways to Cope With Moving Stress

Congratulations! You’ve just snapped up the home of dreams. Perhaps you’ve just got a more lucrative job, and you are moving to a new place. Before you break out the bubbly, have you considered how much the move will cost you emotionally?

That’s right. Moving is more stressful than you can think. You are moving to a new place that you probably don’t know anyone. Your family is leaving a home that you have come to love and cherish. A place you’ve made countless memories. To add insult to injury, you are leaving your close friends and neighbors behind.

That’s gonna sting. Thankfully, we have rounded up 7 amazing ways you can cope with moving stress. After all, the move in and of itself can be overwhelming, if not daunting.


(1) Hire the Right Movers in Portland, Oregon

You are sad enough because you are leaving a place that you love. That’s why you need to hire a top notch moving company in Portland. When you have courteous and friendly Portland movers by your side, the move will become more manageable. More importantly, full-service movers will take lots of pressure off of you. They’ll pack, load, move, and unpack your belongings. This way, you’ll have ample time to say goodbye to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

(2) Embrace a Positive Attitude towards the Move

Surround yourself with positivity. It’s all in your mind. As such, when you keep a positive mindset, the whole experience is bound to be positive.

(3) Declutter your Home

There’s nothing that can dampen your spirit quite like a messy and cluttered home. So, call in some help or hire movers in Portland, Oregon to help declutter. Make sure to sell, purge or donate stuff that you no longer need.

(4) Do a Little Digging on your New Neighborhood

When you do a little research, you’ll discover that there’s more to look forward to in your new town.

(5) Stay Organized

Start off by creating a moving checklist. The list will help make your move organized and easy. Oftentimes that means start packing a week or even earlier before the move.

(6) Get Lots of Moving Supplies

Finding out at the last minute that you don’t have enough packing boxes can add more stress to your move. If possible, check out moving companies in Portland that supply moving boxes and other supplies.

(7) Take Time to Say Goodbye

Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye to your long-time friends and neighbors. But it’ll be even more stressful if you move without bidding them goodbye. So, organize a going-away party or barbecue. It’ll offer the much-needed closure.

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