Is renting a moving container more affordable than hiring a professional moving company

Moving is a back breaking task. Whether you are moving house or office, whether it is to the next lane, another locality or a different state, moving brings with it tremendous stress. Usually, people are all very inexperienced as far as moving is concerned and the whole task ends up in a mess and chaos.

Hiring an efficient packers and movers service solves all these problems. The services are often handled by professionals who know their job well. The moving help deploys appropriate treatment to the items to be shifted and works in a well-organized manner. With an efficient service by your side moving doesn’t seem as tiresome anymore. But, off course you have to lose something to gain something. These services aren’t for free. The movers and packers charge exorbitantly. 

When about to move you as an individual have to take the call, whether you really require the services of professional packers and movers. You even have the option of just renting a moving container, a concept which is fast gaining popularity.

Renting a moving container is much preferable as compared to hiring a professional moving company as; in this case, are packing according to your convenience. You get to call the shots when it comes to scheduling. This is a fantastic option for those who are moving and need storage. You can keep the moving containers for packing, unpacking and storage for as long as you want.

For added convenience, you can hire labor movers for packing and loading help. Though moving containers are more affordable but they are more suited for local moves to small houses or apartments. As, moving out from a larger home will require more than one container which can raise the cost. Also, the option could work out to be more expensive for long distance moving as your bill will include the payment to the driver, fuel, insurance, toll, etc. Containers are not a good idea when you have a short time frame for moving or when you are moving at a short notice. This mode of moving is perfect if you are planning a move a few months down the line.

Before opting for the moving containers it is better to find out the regulations regarding parking at both the locations. The one that you are moving from and the one that you are moving to. Find out details like whether it is legal to park on the street and the permissible time limit, so that your container is not a cause of nuisance and you do not incur parking fines.

In case you are alone and unable to arrange for moving help then acquiring a moving company quote will help in taking a decision. While looking out for efficient packing and loading help, it is advisable to consider the type of moving you are undertaking. Contacting special office movers for your office relocation will keep you stress-free, as they are professionals and they know their job well.

Often while seeking moving help, you are faced with questions like how do I find the best packers and movers? How do I find movers near me? The answers to these questions are very simple and practical. The best way to find movers near you will be to ask within your circle and friends, acquaintances and relatives who have moved around lately. Recommendations are one of the best ways to zero down on efficient Portland movers or Oregon movers. If you still want to research further, then online is the next option. Online customer reviews are also a safe bet. Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction is very evident in these reviews, which can aid you in your decision-making process.

Price is also an important decisive factor. Contact a few Portland movers and get estimation from each of them. If the deal seems too good, be wary. As there could be a catch somewhere. Double check what exactly the services are that are being offered and at what rate.


Portland Movers Company is one of the highest rated moving companies in Portland Metro area. We are BBB accredited and ODOT Certified. For us our clients are not just clients but they are our family and neighbors. We customize our service according to the needs of the client whether you require a full-service moving or only moving labor help, we are ready to accommodate according to the needs of the client.

Generally, a moving company quote is overpriced, but not so with our company.  Portland Movers Company is well known for its affordable and expert service in the whole of Washington region, including Portland Oregon and the surrounding cities of Oregon.

Whether you need moving help or just an estimate feel free to give us a call and get a free moving quote.

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