Moving Day Stress? Tips to make the moving day smooth

Moving is a stress. Yeah, that’s right. Any ideas how to avoid your big day of stress and stay relax? No! Portland Movers will guide you to travel through the stress-free journey of moving to your new destination. These tips will show you a direct path to be as peaceful as much possible when you actually take these big steps of your life. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to be on a fearless trip of moving out.

Prepare Yourself

It is very important for a mover to prepare themselves in advance. Moving is not just for a day. It takes a lot of days, weeks actually to do successful and hectic free move. So always prepare yourself in advance for the big things you would be doing. If you are not planned enough in advance, you will end up in panic and chaos. So it is better to mentally gear up yourself.

Stick to the Plan

Whatever plans you make, whatever checklist you have prepared, make sure you stick to it. Many people make plans and then go against it. Be firm, be planned, and be consistent with your planning.

Wrapping and Packing

Wrapping and packing is one of the most essential things of moving day, but you will not do all the wrapping and packing on the moving day. Wrapping and packing takes a lot of time, so you have to be patient with it. Categorize your stuff and start wrapping up with the delicate objects first. Wrap your fragile items in bubble wraps, fill them with newspaper, and pad them with cloth, towel or blanket. Do not wait for the final day to fill up your boxes. As soon as you wrap, pack it up accordingly.

Label Up

One more time-saving idea is to label up your boxes with the stuff it contains. For instance, label boxes with the titles of books, dishes, clothing, kitchenware, electronics, and fragile items. It is extremely important to label the fragile boxes, just to be at a safe side in carrying them while you travel.

Organize Your Stuff

Organize yourself and your stuff. When you categorize your stuff, organize them room wise. For instance, start categorizing and listing from kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bedroom, etc. Enlist the items in a way that makes it easier for you to place them where you want them to be placed in your new home. This organization will help you in staying away from panicky situations. Start from one room at a time. Do not be in a rush of taking out stuff from all the rooms at the same time. Wrap and pack your kitchen first, and then move respectively to other rooms.

Choose Transportation

It may not be possible for you to drive the truck, take assistance from the truck rental companies or moving companies. They will be a great help if you need them. You need not be picking up any stuff by yourself. Their labors will carry the boxes and deliver them safely at your home. They are trained and skilled workers, who are efficient in dealing with heavy household goods.

Ask for Help

Call a couple of reliable friends who can come over and help you in moving out. Take their support in packing and wrapping. Later on you can call them over a nice dinner at your new home.

Save Your Last Minute

By following these steps, you can always save your last minute to just recheck the list and make sure nothing is left. In this way, your moving day will be stress-free and comforting.

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