Moving and have a Full Fridge? Tips on how to avoid wasting Food when you move out

Moving and have a Full Fridge? Tips on how to avoid wasting Food when you move out

If you have already made the decision to hire movers in Portland OR, and have some important appliances such as your fridge that need to be moved, you must prepare these appliances ahead of the big move. Not only will most residential moving companies and full-service movers insist that you prepare your appliances in advance, but it will also ensure that you are thoroughly organized, which will be crucial in avoiding mishaps on the actual moving day.

While prepping your fridge for a move may seem like a pretty straightforward task, it has to be done correctly if you are to avoid ending up with a broken fridge when you finally get to your destination. To make sure that you do everything properly, here is how to move with a full fridge:

Prepare to transport your fridge

You will have to prepare a full fridge for transport if you want it to arrive at its new destination safely. Before the move:

Empty your fridge: You will want to empty your fridge of all its contents especially if you are moving over a long distance. Do not leave anything inside, even in the compartments, especially if it is perishable.

Switch off your fridge: Switch off your fridge if you are moving within 24 hours so that the freezer and evaporator coils can get some time to defrost. If you are moving within a couple of days, you can leave your fridge on but remember to switch it off before the day of the move.

Deep clean the fridge: When you switch off your fridge, you will consequently be creating the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to breed. As such, as soon as you empty the fridge, you should perform a deep clean, wiping down all the interiors, exteriors and compartment thoroughly to remove germs as well as eliminate accumulated odors.

Prepare the fridge for transport

Once you ascertain that your fridge has defrosted completely, it will then be ready for transport. Before you can move it, however, you will have to secure it to prevent it from getting scratched or getting dented during the move.

Tape down any loose ends, storage compartments, grills, ice trays and any other items capable of moving or slide while you are en route. If you can, remove any removable items and wrap them safely in bubble wrap before storing them. If you are lucky, the best moving companies in Portland will go the extra mile and prep the fridge for transport for you by handling the last stages.

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