How to Plan a Successful Garage Sale before Moving

How to Plan a Successful Garage Sale before Moving

Moving is the best excuse for getting rid of junk. Hosting a garage sale will help you get rid of junk while also making some money that can cover the expenses of moving. Getting rid of stuff you no longer use, need or want also has the benefit of easier packing and unpacking and make your move cheaper due to the lighter load. Now that you have great reasons for holding a pre-move garage sale, the next thing is to plan beforehand so that you don’t scramble at the last minute and instead of successful garage dale, end up with a stressful affair of low sales. Here are excellent tips in hosting a successful garage sale before your move.

Host it at the Right Time

Timing is important when hosting a garage sale as you want as many people as possible to pass by and buy something. As such the last thing you should is host your sale in the winter. Late spring and early fall are the ideal seasons for a garage sale and ensure it is on a weekend starting on a Saturday and extending to Sunday if the sales are not too good on the first day. Ensure you startyour garage sale early especially in hot months as mornings are cooler then.

Organization is Key

  1. Creative Advertising

Check with local authorities regarding the regulations imposed and put up a sign on the roadside as well as adverts on social media to get the word out regarding your upcoming garage sale. This will draw interest and hence, attract a good crowd for better sales.

  1. Make an Inventory

An inventory of the stuff you want to get rid of before you even hire a moving company Oregon will help you figure out the amount of stuff you are getting rid off and what you are keeping which also helps you get a picture of the savings you will make when moving, once your garage saleis over. Sorting out stuff also helps you identify stuff that can’t be sold but can be donated or recycled.

  1. Set Up your Stuff

Ensure you have all the supplies you need to set up your stuff for sale. Use portable chairs and tables for placing items on top. You can use a garment rack for clothes you need to sell. Ensure that you have enough change to give out when someone needs some so get some small bills and coins before you start the sale. Also, ensure your prices are fair and your items are organized in terms of relative similarity such as clothes, books, electronics, furniture and decorations among other categories.

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