How to Pack Holiday Ornaments

How to Pack Holiday Ornaments

Are you planning to pack your holiday ornaments for the move? You will need the right moving boxes and supplies, as well as hire the right movers in Portland for the job. From holiday lighting to Christmas décor, these holiday ornaments call for the highest level of care when moving to your new place.

Here are some nifty tips that can help you pack holiday ornaments the right way, and prevent oops moments.

Buy the Right Packing Supplies

Let’s face it; most holiday ornaments are fragile and delicate. That’s why you need to buy handy moving boxes, as well as cushion supplies. Make sure that you get the following to make packing holiday ornaments effortlessly easy:

  • Plastic bins and cardboard boxes for storage and moving
  • Wrapping paper to cover and protect delicate ornaments
  • Bubble wrap for extra protection
  • Tape to secure oddly shaped ornaments
  • Ziplock bags to keep those hooks for Christmas decoration
  • Decent marker to label boxes, bins, and bags for moving the ornaments

Hire Professional Movers

Choosing a best-in-class moving company in Portland can make a huge difference. Portland local movers who know what they are doing will help safeguard your Christmas décor and make your move hassle-free. Moreover, experienced full-service movers can help you pack all your holiday ornaments. This way, you can focus on what really matters: saying goodbye to your friends and neighbors.

Sorting your Ornaments

If you want to lighten the burden of packing your holiday ornaments, make sure to sort them. You can sort your holiday ornaments by type ie. lights, garland, outdoor; by room ie. family room, kitchen; or by display ie. Christmas tree, mantle display.

Secure Everything with Tape or Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps and tape will help you sure all your holiday ornaments in place. A tape is especially handy when packing brittle lightings and glass décor.

Label your Boxes, Bins, and Bags

Remember that you are going to unpack your holiday ornaments. So make sure to use a quality marker to label your packed boxes, bags, and plastic bins.

Use Wreath Storage Bins

There are storage containers that are specially designed for storing and moving holiday ornaments like wreaths. Use these storage bins to save time and make sure that they arrive at your new place intact. The good news is that you can request your Portland local movers to supply these wreath storage boxes.


Packing holiday ornaments doesn’t have to be difficult. With the above handy tips, you can pack your Christmas décor without any hitch.

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