Free Free Free! … Where You Can Get Free Boxes for Your Move

Free Free Free! … Where You Can Get Free Boxes for Your Move


Moving to a new place is already stressful enough. Having boxes can make your move effortlessly easy. The good news is that free moving boxes can be found everywhere; if you’re looking in the right places.

So where can you get free boxes for your move? Read on for our comprehensive list of 10 places you can snag moving freebies.

Moving Tip: Just because the moving boxes are free doesn’t imply that you should take them. Ensure that they are in good shape and reasonably clean.


The open marketplace Craiglist has gained increased traction with people looking for free moving supplies. After all, this is Craiglist we’re talking about, the place you can find about anything! As if that isn’t fabulous enough, the marketplace as a “Free” section where locals list stuff they want to give away. Start off your hunt for free boxes here.

You can also make a post informing users that you’re in need of free moving boxes. Ensure that free boxes from Craiglist are clean and in good shape before you start packing. As with most social marketplaces, it’s important that you meet with the person giving you free boxes in a public and open place.

U-Haul Box Exchange

Prime moving company U-Haul has a comprehensive program that lets people across the country connect and exchange moving supplies. Just enter your location and a keyword: free boxes. You’ll undoubtedly find many local people looking to swap or give away free boxes.

Liquor Stores

Is there a liquor store in or around your neighborhood? Most liquor stores have tons of packing boxes they want taken off their hands. Pay a visit to a local liquor store and inquire from management if there are boxes you can use. Try these before hiring Portland local movers; it can save you lots of cash.

Grocery Stores

Much akin to liquor stores, grocery stores receive lots of supplies packed in sizeable cartons. These can be easily converted into moving boxes. Pop into one near your home and ask the manager if you can take some of the boxes off their hands.

Rental Truck Companies

As part of their value-added services, truck rental companies offer free packing boxes. So, if you’re planning to hire a truck, you can actually get free boxes delivered to your place before moving day. Create an inventory of your stuff in order to get a good feel of the number of boxes you will need for the move.

Friends and Neighbors

The chances are that your friends, family, neighbors or colleagues have packing boxes lying around in their closets or garages. Don’t be shy to ask around. They will be happy to have someone take them from their hands. And, of course, they’ll get to say goodbye to you. Another reason to be neighborly, right?

Recycling Centers/ Drop-Off Points

Here’s another place that’s a hotbed of free stuff. That’s right; most recycling drop-off points receive boxes that are still in good order. It doesn’t hurt to check out your local recycling center. This way, you will pull double duty; you will be helping them recycle as well as save money in the process.

Full Services Movers

The beauty of full-service moving companies in Portland OR is that they can help you with everything. Depending on your move, they can help with packing, loading, driving the truck, unloading, and even unpacking.

And that isn’t all; they can also provide you with moving supplies, including packing boxes, moving equipment, moving tapes, and so forth. Even if they don’t supply packing material, they can advise you on how to get free boxes. That is why it pays to hire the right movers in Portland OR.

Facebook Community Groups

Several Facebook groups can help you with just about anything. Search for friendly Facebook local groups that deal with free items and swaps. If you cannot find someone giving out free boxes, you can post that you are in the market for them. You’ll be amazed by the number of replies you will get.

Office Buildings

It’s no secret that office buildings receive lots of packages, implying that they churn out many unpacked boxes every day. Pay a visit to office buildings near your home or workplace. Approach the front-desk worker or the building manager to inquire if you can get some free boxes. You will certainly not return without a few free boxes.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment complexes are a hotbed for free moving supplies. People move in and out of apartment buildings every time. Check with the manager’s office if you can snag some free moving boxes. A good manager should be able to direct to the person responsible for such stuff.

Dorms and College Buildings

College buildings and dorms get tons of packages every week. If you happen to get to a college on a move-in day, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

These are just but a few places you can get free moving boxes. Yard sales, retail stores, and Freecycle are also great places to garner free boxes for your move.

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