Easy Tips for packing Fragile Items

Easy Tips for packing Fragile Items

When moving houses, one of the most important things that you have to do to keep your fragile items secure during the move is to protect them. Sure, bubble wrap may work for items such as wooden art pieces and accessories. However, when it comes to fragile goods and breakables, you must take the time to package and properly labels your items if you want them to arrive in one piece. To help you prepare these items for your move, here are some easy tips for packing fragile items:

Make a list of all your fragile items

The best thing that you can do for yourself during the packing process is itemized all your fragile items. Not only will this save you time when packing but it will also make sure that you do not leave anything out. Go ahead and inventory all your fragile items, including your picture frames, china dishes, glasses and flutes, plates, and anything else delicate. If there is anything that you have not used in a while, consider selling it or gifting it to someone as it might be better off that way.

Find the right supplies to use

When packing sensitive and breakable items, you are going to need a lot of supplies to do the job properly. The way you pack fragile items is not the same way you pack a table or stool; you will need protective supplies that will safeguard the fragile items during the move. Some of the items that you will need include cardboard boxes, tape, soft wrapping paper, and bubble wrap. Make sure that you inspect all your cardboard boxes ensuring that they are dry and structurally secure enough to accommodate all your breakables.

Learn how to pack your items safely

It is better to start packing early as it will give you plenty of time to sort out all the fragile valuables you need to take with you. Plan a secluded time that will allow you to pack these items without any rush. You will also need to learn how to pack your most fragile items. For instance:

Plates: Are best packed vertically in medium boxes that have been lined with packing paper. Wrap each plate up in bubble wrap and ensure not to overpack your box.

Glasses: Each glass should be wrapped individually with packing paper. Remember to place crumpling paper inside to fill any empty spaces inside. Layer the spaces around using paper to cushion them from blows when moving.

Lamps: Box your lamps flat side down in large boxes and wrap them in bubble wrap where needed.


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