Tips on Moving Large Appliances

Tips on moving Large Appliances

There is a lot of heavy lifting that goes into moving house. However, when you have actual large appliances that have to come with you to your new destination, the moving process can be doubly hard. Lucky for you, most people turn to full-service movers whenever there are strenuous appliances and furniture to be moved.

A reliable and dependable moving company Portland should have the manpower and even the equipment needed to handle any physical moving job that you throw at them. More importantly, when you hire movers in Portland OR, not only will you be able to relocate quickly, but you will also be able to do so in a safe and efficient manner.

Decide whether it is a good idea to move your appliances:

Before you go ahead and pack up all your appliances, first determine if they are worth taking in the first place. Your new home may come already outfitted with newer and fresher appliances that look and work better. Plus, unless your appliances are brand new, you might be better of selling them and using the cash to invest in professional movers Portland Oregon that can ease the stress of the moving process for you.  

Figure out what needs to be moved and prepare adequately:

Handling huge furniture pieces such as desks, sofas, wardrobes, and cupboards are probably the first things that most people think of when it comes to heavy items that need to be moved. However, though these items are hard to deal with on their own, what you should be concerned about are the appliances that have to be prepared before moving day. Most moving companies in Portland require appliances such as oven and fridges to be prepped to make sure that they arrive safely and that no damage is inflicted during the transport process.

Get the right equipment:

In order to move large appliances, there are some pieces of equipment that you will definitely need to help you move safely. Gadgets such as appliance dollies, moving blankets, straps, and sliders will come in handy as they will provide the type of protection that your valuable appliances need. Most of these gadgets are readily available in home improvement stores. However, you can avoid having to purchase these yourself if you hire moving company Portland as they will have all the specialized equipment required to move your appliances securely.

Get insurance:

The last thing you want to do is move your large appliances only for them to sustain damage en route. Therefore, ensure that you invest in property protection or insure your items, especially the high value ones, so that you do not have to worry about replacing them should they get damaged.

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