Tips on notifying your customers of your office move!

 Office Move | Tips on notifying your customers of your office move! 


Office move or commercial is very intimidating and may seem out of reach, but if you follow very simple steps then you will be on the right track on moving your business the right way! 

Communicate your office move right away to your customers. Via website or podcast or even running a ad campaign, the more aware and informed your customers are about where you will be located and how to get a hold of your office, the more smoother the transition will be. After the move do a forward address via USPS so your mail gets forwarded to the correct location after you office move.

Update online listing. The more important ones are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I like to suggest using a local mass update using Moz Local so all the sites get the same information update at the same time. Using a mass mailing for an FYI we have moved or we are new to the neighborhood flyer so new people are aware of who you are and what your business move is about.

Host an event at the new location after the office move, there you can promote your business or even hand out flyers and cards.

We hate spam but for those customers that are on your email list you can do a mass email update and update your customers about your business move via email. Well I hope that helped you distress just a tad bit and keep your office run smoother with the proper office move tactics! when there is a change, its always important to have that change updated on your website as well as communicate it on a daily to your customers. 

Happy Moving!!


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