Tips for Staying Safe and have No-Contact during your Move

Let’s face it: moving in the middle of a pandemic can be scary for you and your family, whether you’re heading across town or crossing state borders. To make sure your move is safe and No-contact, use these savvy strategies.

Double-check with your moving company in Portland

Moving is regarded as an “essential service” in Oregon, but not all Portland movers are still operational. It pays to double-check with your moving company in Portland, particularly if you booked them several months prior.

Ask those oh-so-important questions:

  • Are you still offering moving services during the pandemic?
  • Are there specific safety measures and safeguards you should follow?
  • What safety measures have they put in place to ensure a safe move?
  • Do they offer a contactless move?

Invest in new packing supplies

In the pre-COVID era, most people would reuse packing boxes in a bid to save a few bucks. Nonetheless, this isn’t a safe strategy if you’re planning to move during the pandemic. As such, consider using fresh packing boxes and other supplies.

Practice social distancing during moving day

Chances are you don’t have the tools and time to move on your own. If you’re planning to hire moving help in Portland, make sure to social distance as much as possible. There should be at least 6ft of space between everyone involved in the move at all times.

If possible, limit in-person interactions, whether by getting estimates virtually, hashing over moving plans via ZOOM, and so on. At the end of the day, you should consider hiring one of the best no-contact moving companies in Portland.

Hand wash and sanitize, often

The safety of everyone involved should be your top priority. So, wipe down boxes, furniture, and other items with an appropriate disinfectant before packing and moving. Provide Portland movers with sanitizer and hand-washing supplies.

Schedule your move for low-traffic hours

One of the best ways to minimize contact and exposure is to choose off hours for your move. This is especially true for those who live in a condo, apartment, and a multi-residential dwelling. The fewer people around, the lower the chances of getting infected with the virus.

Hire commercial movers in Portland to pack

If you’re moving your office, it might be a wise idea to let professional Oregon movers handle everything, from packing to unpacking at your new location. With most workers working from home, this is a smart move.

When all’s said and done, it’s best to follow all recommended safety protocols laid out by the CDC and local health officials. Have a safe move!

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