Tips for Keep Your New Home Clean and Organized After Residential Move

Tips for Keep Your New Home Clean and Organized After Residential Move

Have you just moved to your dream home but feel that it just does not come out the way you imagined? This happens especially in a big home, and the first few days or weeks when you haven’t quite figured out what stays where. But how you unpack plays a big part in how the house looks. You must get it right from the beginning of your stay in the new home.

Here are a few tips that will give you the look you desired in your new home and keep your home clean & organized after a move:

1 Finish unpacking:

Do not leave items in their boxes longer than necessary.  Ensure that all boxes have been emptied by the 2nd day.

2 Follow your labeling:

Labeling boxes and items by their room is a basic organizational task when moving. Take boxes to their respective rooms and ensure items are exactly where they should be in every room.

3 Do a second purge:

If there is a newer and more useful item in your new home, why keep the old one? Get rid of what you don’t need.

4 Get more muscle:

It doesn’t hurt to get assistance if you need it. You can retain your Residential movers for a few more dollars.

5 Function before beauty:

Place items where they are of use first before worrying about how they look. Perfection can come later.

6 Clean as you unpack:

Do not place items on dusty shelves or floors. Also do not place items when they are dirty. Dust and wipe as you go along. It saves you more effort in the future.

7 Mark any damage:

Moving is stressful for the furniture as well. Mark what has been dinged and dented and make a to-do repair list for these items.

8 Plan for large items:

Plan for large sofas, the fridge, cupboards and other big items such that you open up space for other items while minimizing chances that you will need to move these large items again. 

9 Check that everything is working:

Ideally, you should do a thorough inspection of the home before moving in, but if the relocation service is done after a long time, do another inspection and mark anything broken.

10 Fix the utilities:

Have the utilities reconnected as soon as everything is in place?  Make an emergency plan for fire as well.

11 Final touches:

Do the first deep clean to give the new home your personal touch and work on all little organization details you need to make it your personal space.

12 Have a party:

Invite friends and neighbors for a house warming party to see your new beautiful home.


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