Moving During Rainy Season? Tips on How to Avoid a Messy Move

Moving During Rainy Season? Tips on How to Avoid a Messy Move

If you are planning to move during the rainy season, it’s vital that you plan ahead for the bad weather. Even if you didn’t anticipate the rain, it isn’t a good idea to delay the move or wait for better weather.

Luckily, with a little care and ingenuity, the move can go on as planned. Keep reading to learn a few tricks and tips on how to avoid a messy move.

#1 Keep a tab on the weather

When making a rainy move, it pays to keep a closer look on the weather. It can help you avoid the rain altogether. Keep a tab on weather as the big move approaches. If you can, schedule the move on a day that has a chance of lighter pour or no rain at all.

#2 Wrap as much as you can

Shrink wrapping can be a slice of heaven during a rainy-day move. They can come in handy when you need to keep large furniture dry and clean. That’s right; shrink wrap wooden cabinets & shelves, mattresses, furniture, and other large items. Also, shrink-wrapping heavy boxes can do the trick. Just don’t forget to seal them with heavy-duty tape first.

#3 Mark all the things

Here’s a no-brainer tip that can make a dull day quite a joy. Mark all items that can get wet with an appropriate label. Same goes for pieces that can’t be damaged by moisture. This way, the movers don’t mess up your vintage nightstand that grandma gifted you.

#4 Move all items close to the exit first

Right off the bat, you need to shorten moving distances within the house, so that movers cannot traipse through the hallways all wet. You can move all the items from the furthest room to the nearest, then proceed to the hall adjacent to the door. Also if it’s possible, the truck driver can back it as close to the exit as possible.

#5 Lay Makeshift Mats

Lay some makeshift mats along the path between the truck and the door as well as in the entryway. Some pieces of cardboard can come in handy here. Also, you can use old rugs, carpets or sheets on the floors where the Portland movers will be walking on. You can prevent accidental slips and keep the house clean.

#6 Hire the Right Moving Company

Hire movers in Portland OR who have versatile experience with rainy-day moves. You can read online reviews to find movers with good record and experience with the matter at hand.

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