Moving to Portland OR? Tips you need to know before you arrive!

Moving to Portland OR?

Oh Portland OR,  The land of the hip and laid back, the city where people take their time to get to work and love not having to pump their own gas, If you are planning to move to Portland OR, here are some tips you should know before you arrive.

We don’t pump our own gas! Yes don’t get up out of your car, just relax and the gas attendant will pump the gas for you.

All carbonated drinks containers have a 5 cent return. This includes Beer, Soda, ect.. if it has the bubbly then it pays!

We are homeless happy. What I mean by that is we don’t throw our homeless off our streets and we do respect them as humans. I think this is why they flock to Portland.

We are not afraid of the rain.. if you see an umbrella.. most likely it’s a tourist. We love the rain and the fresh weather.. this is what Portland is about.

Keep Portland Weird.. This wording mostly makes up the personalities that make Portland what it is.. a free spirited great city.

No sales tax!. Who likes sales tax? I know I hate paying tax’s. Well in Portlandia you do not have to! 

Also here is a link to, you can get more great info and travel information before you get here!

Well that’s all folks.. if you are not planning to move to Portland OR! Then you should definitely visit! Happy Moving!!

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