Moving Fraud | Tips to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Moving Fraud | Tips to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Now a days everyone is trying to save a buck, this includes me! When I am looking to hire a moving company, I get at least three quotes from local moving companies to make sure I get the best deal right? The most common way that fraudulent moving companies operate is by providing you quotes that are much lower than any legal moving companies offer.

Once that fraudulent moving company has your goods in their truck, they will not be released back to you until you pay a price far above that of what was quoted in the original estimate. In most cases, people agree just to have their belongings back, basically paying a ransom on their household goods.” There are the lucky ones that do fight back and contact local authorities to have the illegal moving company shut down.

Recommendations from friends and family:This is fool proof! I think this is the best tip of all.

Review and investigate the company you are about to hire:  Verify their credentials and recent customer reviews. My list of must visit government and blacklist website to verify everything from licensing to fraud investigations and complaints.

Don’t pay your bill upfront:  Some moving companies do ask for a deposit for high dollar moves, you can choose to accept or decline. You can also negotiate to a more comfortable amount for you.

Watch for warning signs: If the moving you want to hire insists that an in home estimate is not necessary. Moving companies charge by weight for interstate moves but intrastate (within the state) charge hourly or flat rate, For local moves, I would still would request an estimate, not only you see who will be moving your ” things in a box” but in way you can see if they are professional or come to you with a beer in hand.

Now my favorite topic of all! Online moving company scam: You go online type in “affordable moving quote” and get an instant pop up ad! 3 movers for $100! As your heart start to pound and you think oh I am going to save my so much on this move! WAKE UP! OK sorry but that is a clear sign of Internet scam. A website set up to take your money. Steer clear!

That’s all folks! Hopefully this will help you find the right moving company and won’t leave you stuck with out your stuff. Happy Moving !!

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