The demand for moving companies professionals is on the rise. Many people are moving houses and for one reason protect your items during your move, they cannot organize and facilitate the move. The advantage of hiring Full-service movers is that they have been moving clients for a while so they are experienced in the job. They can also work long hours and arrange a new house for you. As one of the professional moving companies Oregon, every move is a delicate mix of speed and safety of the property. Here are the main steps we take to ensure that every move is a success;

Bumpers on doors

If you watch Portland local movers at work, you will notice that most of the time they are either moving inside or outside a building. This is the same thing that happens within the rooms inside the house. Not that it will make the move easier, but putting bumpers on doors ensures that the action of opening and closing them does not damage the adjacent walls. Furniture and belongings are also protected because the doors do not hit against them.

Equipment is wrapped

Yes, because we do a lot of moving, the equipment we use also comes with us. To prevent damage to equipment, we wrap what we use to move in blankets. Damaged or poorly treated moving equipment has the potential to damage property.

Use the right equipment

Have you ever imagined that there was a rubber band large enough to wrap around a padded chair? Hire moving company Portland, we have it! We anticipate damage before it happens and therefore bring along items that will ensure that it does not happen. Moving large household items requires a delicate balance between proper packing and condition of the road. The best we can do is a thorough job at packing so that property does not stand a chance of damage while being moved.

Wrap everything

From dining table chairs to your kids’ toys, wrapping is our way of securing your belongings. This is mostly applicable for people who have items that do not completely fill a truck. To avoid movement when the truck is moving, the available luggage is securely attached to the truck.


Residential moving companies have been moving people from house to house for a long time and some of the precautions we take are based on mistakes from the past. We understand that clients may not understand the necessity but this is the best way to ensure a secure move for your property.

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