Items you should personally pack during your Move

Items you should personally pack during your Move

Enrolling the services of a professional moving company doesn’t mean you’re free from all packing responsibilities. Despite your desire to give your mover ample packing autonomy, you still must pack some items yourself. Their value, size, and sensitive nature demands your presence and attention during moving.

First-Day Moving Box 

After moving into a new home, you won’t unpack straight away. That is why you require a special moving box containing items that you’ll need for the first week in your new house. Only you know precisely what you will need the first days. The first-day moving box will probably contain toothbrushes, bathing soaps, cleaning detergents, towels, beddings, chargers and a bunch of clothes to last a few days.

First Aid Kit

You never know what will happen when packing and moving. Handling heavy equipment and brittle items exposes you and your family members to injuries. You’ll pack, therefore, need to pack the first aid kit in a place you can access fast or place it in a visible place where everyone can see it.

First Week Utensils and Food Items 

You might find unpacking challenging on your first day. Unorganized offloading can also cause a mix-up of moving boxes. Ensure you pack aside utensils and cutleries to run you the whole week. Unless you’ll eat out or order ready-made meals, you must pack a separate box containing food ingredients to last one week.

Confidential and Important Documents

You never want movers to come across confidential documents or your certificates. Plus, you can’t trust anyone 100% with any hush-hush information. Besides, you must know where the documents are located every time. Only you can pack and ensure the safe movement of the documents.

Heirlooms and Jewels 

Heirlooms and jewels hold great value and the size of some jewels requires personal handling. Some heirlooms need specialized handling, storage, and moving. So, you’ll pack them yourself, keep them close when moving. And for better safety, you might need special heirloom and jewels moving services.

Classified Items

Everyone has items they want no one to come across maybe only their spouse. Such items can include sex toys, adult magazines, lingerie, X-rated videos, etc. If you hold them and you do not want the embarrassment that comes with their exposure, bar anyone from entering your room until you have safely packed them.

Personal Electronics

You perhaps have a special electronic gadget you hold close to your heart. They may include earphones, sporting headsets, microchips, music players, watches etc. it’s advisable you pack the items in special packs and yourself.

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