How to Pack Dishes for Moving: Dish Packing Guide

Of all the room in the house, the kitchen is the most difficult in terms of the technicalities involved in packing items and even the modalities of ferrying to the new house. Factor in the grim reality that most people have an everyday use for their kitchen and it makes sense why it is the last room to be packed and the first to be unpacked.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, it could take a few hours to an entire day to have everything packed and ready for Commercial Movers. It is quite frustrating to spend this much time only to arrive and find that half your plates chipped or broke in transit. If you are worried about the safety of your glass plates on your upcoming move, no need to. This article will help tone up your confidence for packing plates;

While is it common to wrap plates in old newspapers, the truth is that paper is too thin to offer sufficient protection. Some people will go with bubble wrap but that option is just too pensive for those who are moving on a budget. A great wrapping alternative is towels, t-shirts, and rags; no only will you be offering your plates adequate cushioning against impact but you will also be packing these materials at the same time.

How do you pack?

Step 1: wrap each plate individually and place on a flat surface. This should be repeated until all the dishes have been attended to.

Step 2: line the card board box you will be carrying the plates in with rags and towels. The bottom should be completely covered with padding.

Step 3: stack the wrapped plates inside the box and fill any spaces with more rags and towels.

Step 4: place a folded blanket on the top and fasten the box

Step 5: label the box and indicate the upright position of the dishes.

The number of dishes you have will determine the number of moving boxes you require for the job and which the Full Service movers will ferry. If possible, use smaller sized boxes that you can carry to the new house in your car or which the moving service staff can carry in a different compartment (away from the bulky luggage). This style of packing dishes can be used for small bowls and glass cups as well.

Remember to exercise caution when unpacking because the same steps should be applied in reverse for best results.

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