How Much Should You Tip Movers?

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

Like in most service industries, it is crucial to tip your movers for doing a bang-up job. Some people tip as little as ten bucks while other do $50 or even more. Which begs the question: how much should you tip your movers?

In this article, we shall walk you through factors to consider when deciding how much to tip your movers.

First Things First: When to Tip Movers?

Although movers belong to the trade industry, not all of them are created equal. Others will go above and beyond to ensure that your move is absolutely smooth. Nonetheless, there are certainly fly-by-night movers who are out to make a quick buck. These shoddy folk will scratch your vintage nightstand, drop your precious items, and might even break a few of your prized china.

No matter how you look at it, no every mover deserves to be tipped. Yes., it is customary to give tips to Portland movers for a job well done. But when is it right to tip your movers in Portland, OR?


  • If the Portland movers finished the packing, loading, unloading or the entire move well ahead of the estimated time.
  • If the Full-service movers moved a significant number of bulky, heavy or oddly shaped furniture, particularly if the move involved long walks, stairs or other hurdles.
  • If the Movers Portland loaded your belongings into a truck when it seemed impossible in the first place
  • When the local movers in Oregon take care of your precious items without breaking or damaging them. This where Movers Portland do a commendable job and should be tipped accordingly.


Factors to Consider when Tipping your Portland Movers

(1) The Difficulty of the Move

Let’s face it; no moving is a walk in the park. If your Portland Oregon movers moved all content from your humongous house, they certainly deserve a big tip. This particularly important if they have to move odd or large items around sharp corners or up steep staircases.

(2) Quality of Service Delivered

On-time arrival, fast turnaround, and friendliness are sure-fire signs of quality moving service. If the full-service movers went the extra mile to take care of your fragile items, don’t hesitate to tip them at least $20 per mover.

(3) Total Moving Costs

How much did the moving cost you? Did they charge extra for packing service or packing materials? Did your belonging fit into one moving truck? It’s all about what you pay at the end of the day. If you feel that you paid too much, you might want to hold onto your tip.

Final Word

There’s no right or wrong amount when it comes to tipping your movers in Portland OR. The typical amount, however, is 5% of the total moving bill. The general consensus is that you should tip each mover $20. If they worked on the move for more than 12 hours, kick it up to $40 per mover.

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