Hiring professional moving labor versus moving help from friends?

If only we all were filthy rich and our butlers or assistants could get our family moved for us right? For you folks who do not have to worry about should I hire a moving company or moving labor for my move? Versus can I get moving help possibly from family and friends? A lot of times we convince you that you will save a lot move money if you do not hire a moving labor company and do most of the packing yourself, or that you have great friends and they will truly show up as promised packing day.

Now let’s go over both possibilities and see what option is the best option.

Moving help from friends:

The packing day starts and it is 8 am, best friend Jonny is not at your house as promised! You call him up and he his response is, oh I am so sorry I completely forgot! I am on my way and will be there in an hour.

Good news is your friend Becky is on time, but the bad news is she did not bring all the packing supplies as planned. So off to the store you go, once you get back… your friend Becky, Jonny and Rick have their feet up watching the game and drinking some cold brews.

Now The above scenario is not always the case but in most cases is the true case, so you have to make sure not to depend on other with purchasing supplies or getting the rental truck because in reality there might be some hiccups if you your self-are not the one doing the most important task.

Key things to remember:

If getting moving help from friends or family or even doing the move yourself. Remember the below items.

  1. If a truck is needed, rent a truck several weeks prior to your move.
  2. Get additional moving coverage from the truck rental company.
  3. Rent moving blankets and straps so your items are all safe and snug!
  4. Make sure special items such as mirrors and TV’s are packed correctly
  5. Make sure you rent proper moving equipment such as dollies

Now let’s review key points if you decided to hire professional moving labor company:

  1. Faster and efficient move. You have the professionals doing all the hard work while you stand aside with a cup of coffee
  2. The professionals do this on a daily and have better ways of packing and loading more efficiently so when you get to the destination your items will not be in pieces.
  3. Your back will still be in one piece! You have me sold this one J
  4. You are able to shop around before hiring a moving labor company, then you can rest easy that you have set at a good price.
  5. Your movers will show up with the right equipment needed unless other agreements have been made.
  6. A piece of mine! Planning a move is stressful enough. Knowing you have a go to for accountability for possible damage done during a move.
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