7 Tips for Moving Small Loads across Country

7 Tips for Moving Small Loads across Country

No house move is the same as another; although the reasons for moving could be similar. If you have moved more than once, this definitely makes sense. While most people are used to moving with all their belongings to the new house, sometimes all that is required it to bring some essentials. It can seem like a puzzle trying to organize and plan for a partial move but moving companies are familiar with such scenarios. Is it possible to hire commercial movers Portland just to move a single item across the country? What is the process of planning for a small move?

The following tips will equip you when there comes a time when you are planning a partial move instead of the familiar full move?

  1. Make sure it is a mini move – typically, moving houses means that you transfer all your belongings from one house and into another. In such cases, the services of a full service mover work best. Some circumstances may necessitate the move of a limited number of what is in your house; for instance, a piece of furniture, certain household appliances, or a specialty item. Many professional movers have weight clusters by which they charge. Make sure you get a moving solution for your specific move type – it is alright to ask around to compare different quotes.

  2. Make sure you need small moving services – certain scenarios require the services of small load movers; the move is temporary so you will be back after some time; you are only relocating one room; you are shipping pieces of furniture or appliances to people as gifts; a specialty item has been bought from an auction and needs moving. Moves across the country are usually over long distances and any attempts at DIY are likely to be detrimental.

  3. Understand the costing of small moves – even before you settle on a particular mover, have a rough idea about how they arrive at their final charge or a small move. With this knowledge, you can influence the cost by altering certain aspects of the move.

  4. Source for reputable moving companies – can you fit whatever you are planning to move into your personal vehicle? Even if you could, how would you manage to load and offload it? While full service movers may give you a plan for small load moving, it is best to seek the services of experienced and top rated movers of small loads across the country.

  5. Reduce costs where you can – is the item or object you plan on moving able to come apart? To bring down the weight and bulk considerable, disassemble such items. Move will more often than not charge extra if they do the packing for you. Do as much as you can to low the charges.

  6. Start packing now – moving a single item of a handful of item might seem like a small task and packing might not top the list of priorities. If it is up to you to pick items you are moving, ensure they are essential and really necessary to pay for them to be moved. You might think that you are being too careful but the professional are better off packing valuables and fragile items.

  7. Take note of the details of a small loads move – Remember to book the move early so that the moving company has plenty of time to arrange for joint transportation. If your move is combined with that of another person you are likely to pay less.


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