You have been thinking about moving for a while now and the day is finally here. Whether you opted for professional Movers Portland OR help in moving or had organized family and friends to do it, everybody is busy doing one thing or the other to ensure that the day is a success. There is however one aspect of a successful move that has not have crossed your mind, yet! How do you keep your home clean and organized after a move?

1. Clean the new house before you unpack

Thoroughly clean the house a day or two before the move to allow it to dry; you will be glad you did because you will be moving into a house that feels fresh from having all its nooks and crannies cleaned.

2. Settle the kids first

If you have kids, you already know how fussy they can get when their stuff is lying all around. Unpack their rooms first because it will give you the much-needed peace to work on the rest of the rooms.

3. Organize your first home cooked meal soon

Having a meal cooked in a new house makes it more comfortable and is an indication that you are home. To achieve this, keep your silverware and cookware in a place that is easily accessible and deliberately shop for groceries.

4. Arrange the big pieces first

If you have an idea of where the bed is going to face, which wall will host the television and which table occupies which corner of the room, you are almost done. Fitting in the tiny pieces will be a lot easier and faster.

5. Get rid of the clutter

As you arrange the shelves, cabinets, and spaces in the new home, consider getting rid of more items that do not fit into your new plan.

6. Embrace small gains

You are now living in a new space and want to keep it looking organized all the time. if you were used to doing all the dishes at once in your old house, it is time to switch to a higher frequency.

7. Have storage units in every room

You will have an easier time cleaning each room if you have extra storage to put away items that would otherwise attract negative attention… muddy shoes at the doorway?

8. Keep boxes in their labeled rooms

After the Portland movers have left, you will have no one to carry boxes around for you. Make sure you have all the boxes placed in their correct rooms.

9. Work systematically

You will feel better accomplished if you unpack room by room since you get a chance to clean up after the moving company Portland.

10. Hand every member an essentials box

For the first few days after moving, the worst that can happen to disorganize you is have all family members rummaging through the boxes looking for their essential items.

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